Why do you support oil and natural gas?

Natural Gas is Helping Us Achieve Healthier Air

Natural gas emits 50 percent less carbon dioxide than coal when used for power generation. Thanks to plentiful natural gas production, emissions in the U.S. reach their lowest levels since 1992.

Many activists have tried to link natural gas production to adverse health impacts, but their claims have been debunked time and time again.

Natural Gas Keeps Your Family Safe

The National Weather Service found that heat is the number one cause of weather-related deaths annually. Access to reliable electricity is critical to keep our air-conditioners and refrigerators running. Natural gas is the most efficient and affordable way to power our cooling systems. 

Thanks to the low costs stemming from abundant production, Texans are able to keep their families cool in the hottest months of the year.

America's Agriculture Industry Relies on Natural Gas

Natural gas is necessary to create the fertilizers that farmers depend on daily to grow crops. Farming tools such as plows, tractors, and irrigation systems are all powered by oil and natural gas.  Because of its cost-effectiveness, many farmers are turning to natural gas to power their operations – from drying grain to irrigating fields. 

Oil and natural gas help transport your favorite food from the farm to your table.

Natural Gas is Used to Make Thousands of Products We Use Daily

Life-saving products like pool floats and car seats wouldn’t be possible without oil and natural gas. From the soccer balls our kids play with, to the jerseys they wear and even the car used to take them to practice, we’re constantly relying on products made from natural gas.  

We rely on oil and natural gas for the products that keep our families healthy.

Natural Gas Funds our Schools, Roads and Emergency Services

In 2018 alone, revenue from oil and natural gas provided the equivalent of $38 million a day in funding for education, roads, universities and emergency services. 

Texas school districts received $1.24 billion in funding from oil and natural gas, pipeline and gas utilities property taxes. Contributions from oil and natural gas has made the Permanent University Fund, which funds higher education in Texas, the largest education endowment in the nation at $44 billion. Tax revenue from oil and natural gas helps make college more affordable for Texans. Recently, a $160 million endowment created from the Permanent Education Fund was established to completely cover tuition and fees at the University of Texas for in-state students from a household making up to $65,000.

Tax revenue from oil and natural gas go to funding our schools, roads and the emergency services that keep our families safe.